Rank: Rank Corporal Corporal
Type: Gathering
Location: Military Road
Time Limit: 16:00
Fastest Time: 3:00
Rank Points:
Unlocked Mission(s):
Baron's War Room
Bonus Materials

A Resistance militia got captured, but one member escaped with a top secret dossier for us.


Main Objective Reward: $1000.00
Find 1 Suitcase.
  • The suitcase is located near the leftmost point of the map.
Extra Objective A
Rescue 4 Hostages.
  • One of the Kickstarter Hostages, Pendleton Ward, may be found in this stage.
Extra Objective B
Secret Objective
Neutralize Steel Soldier.
  • Heading all the way to the left of the map, you can find a crate with the suitcase on a truck, and the Steel Soldier is on the left of this crate.


  • The mission name is a reference to the TV science fiction series, The X Files.