Reaching certain conditions unlocks Weapon Proficiencies. A Proficiency acts like a permanent skill that adds bonuses to weapon stats. Only one weapon Proficiency can be activated at a time.

Weapon Proficiencies ListEdit

Name Unlock Effect
Brute Force Craft 10 magnum parts +5% Raw damage with guns
Chemistry Craft 30 elemental gun parts. +10% Elemental damage with guns.
CQC Craft 50 knives. +20% Raw damage with knives.
Elemental CQC Craft 20 elemental knives. +20% Elemental damage with knives.
Gun Fu Craft 15 handgun parts. +5% Accuracy
Medicine Craft 20 bionic mods Nullify 1 side-effect.
Selective Fire Craft 20 assault rifle parts. Change trigger type to burst fire.
Sniping Craft 20 sniper rifle parts. Range +1.
Speedloading Craft 20 shotgun parts. Reload Time -20%.
Trigger Mastery Craft 20 sub-machine gun parts. Rounds Per Second +1.
Weightlifting Craft 20 machine gun parts. Weight -3 kg.
Storage Craft 30 ammunitions. Ammo Capacity +5