Tundra Trooper # 100 / 108
Compendium Tundra Trooper
HP 56000
Strength Cryogenic  Cryogenic
Weakness Caustic  Caustic
Rifle Cryocooler
Titan Plate
Titan Crankshaft


His main attack is to crush you or to trample. He jump to your local position and when you move, he will go to your new location.

These are the other attacks. It is not known whether he makes the attacks in a certain attack pattern.

  • Grenades: He jumps fast to one wall of the stage, turns around, opens his hatch and throws 3 grenades. (to dodge: stay far enough away. The longest grenade flies to the middle)
  • 3Ball-Shot: He jumps straight up and shoots, after he lands, three jumping balls. (to dodge: stand directly in front of him or duck down between two balls impact)
  • Air-Smash: He jumps very fast over your position, charges up strikes on the floor. By the impact there appears two iceballs, who move away from him. (to dodge: roll under him away and jump over the iceball) This attack he usually makes two times in a row.
  • Giga-Blast: He drops to his knees, charged up a big ball (doesn't make a damage) and shoot it away (now it makes damage). After he shoots he opens his hatch to look, if he hits someone, then he closes them again.


His only vulnerable points are: His open hatch and the tank at the back. This makes him a very tough opponent, because you always have to jump to hurt him. Homing shots from guns such as the Tracker (equipped with Missiles) could come in handy.


Lt. Colonel: Metal Doormen


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