Items Icon Transceiver Transceiver
Backpack Max: 1


The Transceiver is used to summon help from the Freelancers back at Camp Crown. Using the Transceiver required battery power. A supply crate will appear at the King's location for Freelancers who provide supply items. The Kings may use the supply crate to access otherwise unreachable paths.

Freelancer Effect Battery
Miss Zero Teleports the Kings back to the starting location of the mission. 1
Bobby Ryack Abandon current Mission 0
Dr. Bluebell Drops a First Aid 3
Cadillac Locates enemy boss (Boss Missions Only)

Drops a Shock Bomb

Golden Gate Drops C4 5

Another usage of the Transceiver is to increase mobility. By equipping the Transceiver negates the gun weight, resulting in decreased equipment load and allowing for faster walking speeds and increased jump control.

Battery PowerEdit

The Kings begin each mission with 8 battery power. There is no way to restore battery power once used. Battery power is shared between players.

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