The Jungle Heist!
Rank: Rank Lieutenant Lieutenant
Type: Gathering
Location: Ruins
Time Limit: 30:00
Fastest Time: 7:45
Rank Points: 32
Prerequisite Mission(s):
POW Camp Mystery
Unlocked Mission(s):
Tin Man Recovery
Armored Guardians
Bonus Materials
100% Quality Aluminum
Stainless Steel
Random Steel

A group of Steel Soldiers are gathering rare materials that will be brought to the SubShark. Steal them.


Main Objective Reward: $1400.00
Find 10 Quality Aluminum.
Extra Objective A Reward: $1000.00
Capture Steel Soldiers.
Extra Objective B Reward: $600.00
Find 2 Ceramic
Secret Objective Reward: $600.00
Find 2 Diamonds