The Biologist
Rank: Rank Recruit Recruit
Type: Rendez-Vous
Location: Ruins
Time Limit: 15:00
Fastest Time: 3:30
Rank Points:
Prerequisite Mission(s):
Snipers Spotted
Unlocked Mission(s):
Treasure Hunter
Bonus Materials
100% Bone
Random Feather
Scarlet Pelt

Choppy spotted the location of the signal. A former worker from the Mandrake Project base is hiding in the Jungle.


Main Objective Reward: $500.00
Talk to the Biologist.
Extra Objective A
Extra Objective B
Secret Objective Reward: $100.00
Find 1 Scarlet Pelt

Note: The Scarlet Pelt can be found in a supply box on the left side of the ladder leading to the Biologist's location.