Supply items can be bought from Golden Gate at the Camp and can also be found in supply boxes hidden in levels.

The Backpack can only carry 2 types of supply items at a time.

List of ItemsEdit

Name Value WT Limit Description
Items Icon Ration Ration $29.95 0.1 kg 5 Recovers some HP.
Items Icon Adrenaline Shot Adrenaline Shot $99.95 0.1 kg 2 Revive yourself or one of your teammates!
Items Icon Hand Grenade Hand Grenade $99.95 0.4 kg 3 Can be thrown at enemies.
Items Icon Shock Bomb Shock Bomb $99.95 0.4 kg 3 Use it to capture or paralyze an enemy
Items Icon Riot Shield Riot Shield $129.95 1.0 kg 1 Use it to block enemy projectiles
Items Icon C4 C4 $149.95 1.0 kg 1 The C4 is powerful against walls.
Items Icon First Aid First Aid $199.95 0.5 kg 2 Recovers all HP

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