Steel Soldier # 79 / 108
Compendium Steel Soldier
HP 12000
Strength Cryogenic  Cryogenic
Weakness Caustic  Caustic
Blade Shard
Robotic Claw

Built for heavy duty construction, CLAW now uses it to DESTROY!


Collision Damage: X


  • Sword-Smash: The Steel Soldier lifts his sword and smashes it against the ground. When the sword is against the ground his hatch opens and he can be damaged for a short time. This attack can be dodged by standing outside the knife's swing.
  • Chain-Clawpunch: He pulls his fist back back and then he shoots it towards the player on a chain. While the arm is extended his hatch is open and the player can damage him. This attack can be dodged by ducking the fist as it flies out and again as he pulls it back.
  • Leap: The soldier will crouch briefly before jumping into the air: normally he flies towards the player but occasionally the soldier will jump backwards or upwards. The player should take care as getting jumped on is the most damaging attack the soldier can perform. The player can roll under this attack, but be careful to note which direction he jumps before this happens otherwise you will roll into him as he lands.
  • Retreat: while not an attack per se, the Steel Soldier will occasionally flee and the player will have to find his next spawn location. To avoid this try to defeat the soldier quickly, in some cases it is better to die and return to the battle than to have to track him down again.


The soldier is vulnerable when his hatch is open and when his back is turned to the player. If the player can avoid the attack they have a few moments to attack the soldier while he is vulnerable.



How to beat - Steel Soldier Mercenary Kings

How to beat - Steel Soldier Mercenary Kings

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