Spiral Rifle
   File:Gun Spiral Rifle.png
Rank: Private
Class: Assault Rifle
Trigger: Burst Fire
POW 255
RNG Long
RLD 1.8 s
CAP 11
ACC 80%
WT 4.4 kg
Element Grey Incendiary  0 Element Grey Cryogenic  0 Element Grey Caustic  0 Element Electrical  50

Ammo Type Pierce  11%
Ammo Type Grey Bounce  0%
Ammo Type Grey Fragment  0%

Ammo Type Grey Large  0%
Ammo Type Grey Lead Shot  0%
Ammo Type Grey Homing  0%

Parts: Receiver
Total Cost: $893.80
Total Materials
Robotic Claw 1
Polymer 15
Brass 15
Lithium 10
Rusty Pin 6

The Snailbot's parts are the building blocks for this rifle.

Parts Edit

  • Spiral Rifle Receiver
  • Spiral Rifle Barrel
  • Spiral Rifle Magazine
  • Spiral Rifle Stock

Notes Edit

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