Snipers Spotted
Rank: Rank Recruit Recruit
Type: Neutralize
Location: Jungle Path
Time Limit: 20:00
Fastest Time: 3:30
Rank Points:
Unlocked Mission(s):
The Biologist
Bonus Materials
100% Aluminum

Snipers are keeping us from investigating the source of a mysterious radio signal.


Main Objective Reward: $800.00
Kill 8 One-Eyed Joes.
Extra Objective A
Extra Objective B
Secret Objective Reward: $100.00
Find 1 Pelt

Towards the right side of the map, there are two Foxes roaming two platforms joined by a bridge. Climb up the second ladder and jump to the platform with the foxes. It's easiest to go back and forth on the platform killing the foxes until they drop a pelt.

There is also a fox roaming the area where the player saves Lawless in the mission Guns N' Blades.