Name Type Location
  Guns N' Blades Rescue Jungle Path
  Branch L Save Ironside! Rescue POW Camp
   BranchBranch L Torture Cabin Rescue Ruins
   Branch BranchBranch T Raw Materials Gathering POW Camp
   Branch BranchBranch L The Steel Soldier Neutralize POW Camp
  Snipers Spotted Neutralize Jungle Path
  Branch L The Biologist Rendez-Vous Ruins
   BranchBranch T Treasure Hunter Gathering Ruins
   BranchBranch L Spelunker Gathering Ruins
  Camp Makeover Gathering Hunting Grounds
Primary Mission The Snitch Capture POW Camp



Rank Recruit Recruit | Rank Private Private | Rank Corporal Corporal | Rank Sergeant Sergeant | Rank Lieutenant Lieutenant | Rank Captain Captain | Rank Major Major
Rank Lt. Colonel Lt. Colonel | Rank Colonel Colonel | Rank General General

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