Raid Rover # 83 / 108
Compendium Raid Rover
HP 20000
Strength Cryogenic  Cryogenic
Weakness Caustic  Caustic
Track Plate
Leaf Spring

An All-Terrain rescue tank refurbished into a War Wagon by CLAW.


Collision Damage: X

Attack patternEdit

In a pattern he does these things evertime.

  • 2x Shoots: He shoots two normal bullets and a big bullet at the top of them. (to dodge: Duck down)
  • 1x Ramattack: He drives fast to the middle of the stage and makes damaged when he hits you. (to dodge: stay away)

These two things he always makes in a different order. At the end of a pattern he drives to the middle, goes up with the elevator and shoots 3 bullets in 3 directions 3 times. Then he goes down and drives to the other side. Now the pattern begins from new.

Important: You can't stay the whole fight on the same side! When he makes the elevator, run under him to the other side.


From the height of his big gun barrel, you can shoot him from the front. His back is complete vulnerable. You can not shoot the wheels when he uses the elevator, but you can shoot him from underneath.


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