Three bosses as one boss, the Prime Soldiers join forces to fight against you. It is a very difficult fight, so be prepared.

Prime Soldiers GroupEdit

Composed of: Prime Soldier Namtar, Prime Soldier Thor and Prime Soldier Ifrit. Each of them is an own boss and thus they have their own hit points.


The attacks are a little bit different to the normal attacks. The whole attack pattern is very confusing, but I try to explain it as well as possible.

Attack differenceEdit

  • Ballflash: It no longer appears three balls rather just one ball of both sides.
  • Rush: They make it sometimes from the middle of the stage to one end of the stage.

Attack patternEdit

It is always so one fights and the other look from mini helicopters to.

When the fighter makes a Ballflash one of the spectators shoots grenades. After the Ballflash the fighter makes a jump to the end of the stage or a Rush, only in the direction he is looking at.

The fighter constantly changes the place with a spectator, except it has no more.

Attack surfaceEdit

Every Prime Soldier is vulnerable at the whole corps, except for certain attacks (Ballflash, Rush)

Fighting strategyEdit

  • Just concentrate on getting one Prime Soldier down, because you can also shoot him when he is at the helicopter. Pay attention but still to the attacks of the fighter.
  • Take medikits or rations to the fight, so that you can heal yourself. An adrenaline shot is also recommended, since you die pretty quickly and the way back to the fight is annoying.
How to beat - The Prime Soldiers Group Mercenary Kings

How to beat - The Prime Soldiers Group Mercenary Kings