Prime Soldier Thor # 96 / 108
Compendium Prime Soldier Thor
HP 48000
Strength Electrical  Electrical
Weakness None
Electron Tank
Imperial Alloy
Kingly Stone

Another of the elite Prime Soldiers, charged with the power of lightning!



Thor has almost the same attacks as the other Prime Soldiers, there are only minor differences.

The attacks always go from one end of the stage to the other one.

  • Knife: He runs towards you and tries to attack you with a knife if you're close enough. If he does not hit you on about three quarter of the way, he jumps the last piece to the end of the stage (to dodge: stay at the other end and roll away when he jumps or roll away when he wills to knife you) or...(see next attack)
  • Ballflash: He generates an aura by striking the ground, and shortly afterwards three electricballs appear on both sides of him. (to dodge: jump over them with a start-up) While he is making this he is invulnerable. It's possible that he makes this attack even he makes the Knife attack.
  • Shoot: He stand and shoots 5 bullets in fast order. (to dodge: duck down)
  • Rush: He stand in one end of the stage and lights up briefly. Then he shoots himself very quickly to the other side. (to dodge: jump over him, do that when he lights up) While he is making this, he is invulnerable.


His whole body is vulnerable.



How to beat - Prime Soldier Thor Mercenary Kings

How to beat - Prime Soldier Thor Mercenary Kings



  • Prime Soldier Thor is named after the Norse god of thunder and lightning with the same name.
  • Prime Soldier Thor is actually the brainwashed, Mandrake Formula enhanced, purportedly K.I.A. King, Rajah.

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