Banner Rank Description Cost Materials
Ornament Cheeseburger
When you want people to know what you're all about!
Ornament Pinwheel
This magnificent piece of technology spins in the flow of the wind.
Ornament Pizza
The teenaged turtle's favorite meal. Reunites all food groups!
Miner Helmet
Ornament Miner Helmet
Show off that you really don't approve of those Steel Soldiers.
Snail Shell
Ornament Snail Shell
A shell with spikes is pretty tough, right? It makes your tent tougher!
Weather Vane
Ornament Weather Vane
In case you were wondering which way the wind is blowing.
Blitzhound K9
Ornament Blitzhound K9
Beware of dog!
Ornament Haniwa
A bit of japanese clay art always brings a touch of refinement!
Ornament Treasure
Treasure chests are always cool, right?
Ornament Buddha
The Enlightened one lights up your tent!
Genie Lamp
Ornament Genie Lamp
Does this swanky lamp hold a genie? Only one way to know...
Ornament Meat
Let people know you enjoy Meat!
Ornament Cat
A Cat! We all love them!
Ornament Diamond
Lets everyone know you are precious gem!
Ornament Manekineko
Good luck is yours with this ceramic calico cat ornament!
Baron Hat
Ornament Baron Hat
Baron's hat becomes your own tent's hat! $12500.00
Doomsday Plate 5
Doomsday Pod 5
Scarlet Pelt 15
Quality Fabric 50
Ornament Shiisa
This Shiisa wards off evil spirits from your tent. Handy!
Viking Helmet
Ornament Viking Helmet
The baddest historical headgear becomes your tent's crown!
Ornament Anubis
The death god's proud head! $20000.00
Sapphire Core 2
Regular Pin 8
Quality Brass 30
Quality Copper 40
Ornament Poo
Why would you want this on your tent? $20000.00
Turtle Shell
Ornament Turtle Shell
The shell's previous owner left it behind, it's okay to put it on your tent. $20000.00
Titanium 5
Turtle Shell 10
Leather 30
Aramid 35
Ornament Cake
Satisfy your sugar rush. $35000.00
Quality Pin 5
Quality Steel 5
Rubber 20
Polymer 55
Little Choppy
Ornament Little Choppy
Bobby made it for his own tent, when he's not sleeping in Regular Choppy. $35000.00
Mega Rotor 5
Quality Pin 10
Quality Glass 10
Quality Steel 60
Ornament Slime
A faithful replica of a friendly slime creature. $35000.00
Quality Pin 5
Polymer 25
Rubber 25
Aramid 30
Colonel Hat
Ornament Colonel Hat
A replica of Colonel Tasker's cap. Feels classy!
Crystal Skull
Ornament Crystal Skull
This crystalline skull is creepy as it is beautiful.
Plat. Mandrake
Ornament Plat Mandrake
Colonel Any wandering Mandrakoid will know you mean business when seeing this shiny likeness. $45000.00
Bulwark Skin 5
Fetid Pulp 5
Amber 40
Platinum Coin 40
Little Empress
Ornament Little Empress
General A tiny likeness of Empress, welcoming you to your tent! $90000.00
Adamantite 10
Quality Fabric 20
Quality Aramid 30
Quality Titanium 40
Little King
Ornament Little King
General It's weird to have a small replica of yourself on your tent, but you don't care! $90000.00
Adamantite 10
Quality Aramid 20
Quality Fabric 30
Quality Titanium 40
Ornament M Kings Logo
General Proudly show off your team's logo! Company pride! $90000.00
Quality Lead 25
Feather 25
Adamantite 25
Quality Silicon 25

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