No Negotiation
Rank: Rank Corporal Corporal
Type: Neutralize
Location: Military City
Time Limit: 25:00
Fastest Time: 6:00
Rank Points:
Bonus Materials

CLAW threatens hostages to crush the Resistance in the West Tower & East Outpost. Hunt their Abductors!


Main Objective Reward: $800.00
Kill 8 Abductors.
Extra Objective A
Kill 4 Riot Griffs.
Extra Objective B
Rescue 12 Hostages
Secret Objective
Find 4 Leather.

Cold Hearted AchievementEdit

To achieve the Cold Hearted, every hostage held by an Abductor must be killed before the Abductor dies. Additionally, no other hostage can be freed, so shots should be made modestly as hostages can be freed with stray bullets.

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