Munsterlander # 106 / 108
Compendium Munsterlander
HP 96000
Strength Cryogenic  Cryogenic
Weakness Caustic  Caustic
Ruby Eye
Ruby Rod
Sapphire Core

The second model of Alpha's canine tanks, with a disgusting-type of explosive.



The Munsterlander uses always the same pattern and to dodge all of his attacks (expect one attack), you only have to duck on the platform in the middle.

His attack pattern is as follows:

  • Laser: He stands on the ground and shoots a laser who goes over the whole ground.
  • Jump-Shot: After the laser he jumps up and shoots one short laser. You can attack him easily while ducking.
  • Rainbow-Run: He runs fast to the other site, but differently to the Blitzhound K9 he isn't invulnerable.
  • Ejection-Seat: Sometimes, while doing the rainbow-run, he stops in the middle of the stage respectively under the platform and shoots Alpha (himself) out. In the air he barks shortly then he falls back into the cockpit and continous the rainbow-run.

While reaching the other side he will sometimes make a Jump-Shot, before he continous with the next attack.

  • Dog-Balls: He walks back to the other side and while doing so he releases balls, which explode in succession. The explosion just skyrockets upwards, so check out that you are not above a ball.

Hitzone Edit

His entire body is vulnerable to damage



How to beat - Munsterlander Mercenary Kings

How to beat - Munsterlander Mercenary Kings

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