Name Type Location
  The Holy Glades Infiltration Ruins
  Branch T To the Old Temple Infiltration Temple Tunnel
  Branch IBranch T The Stone Gate Sabotage Temple Galleries
  Branch IBranch IBranch L Treasure Trove Gathering Temple Galleries
  Branch IBranch I BranchBranch L Hidden Knowledge Gathering Temple Galleries
  Branch IBranch I Branch BranchBranch L Crypt Keeper Extermination Temple Tunnel
  Branch IBranch I Branch Branch BranchBranch T Titan Tantrum Capture Temple Crypts
  Branch IBranch I Branch Branch BranchBranch L The Hurt Lockers Sabotage Temple Crypts
  Branch IBranch L The Tribe of Terror! Rescue Temple Galleries
  Branch L Biologist: M.I.A. Infiltration Temple Tunnel
   BranchBranch L Bravo Alpha Tango Gathering Temple Tunnel
Primary Mission Kings of Violence Neutralize Temple Crypts

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