Name Type Location
  Dead Alive Extermination Camp Crown
  Branch T System Shutdown Infiltration Assembly Line
  Branch IBranch L Lab of Horrors Extermination Cloning Facility
  Branch I BranchBranch T Multiplicity Extermination Cloning Facility
  Branch I BranchBranch IBranch T Material Recovery Gathering Cloning Facility
  Branch I BranchBranch IBranch L Operation Woof Capture Assembly Line
  Branch I BranchBranch I BranchBranch L Dog Pack Neutralize Assembly Line
  Branch I BranchBranch L Human Subjects Rescue Cloning Facility
  Branch I Branch BranchBranch L The Full House Fight Neutralize Cloning Facility
  Branch L Turbomachines! Neutralize Assembly Line
Primary Mission Computer Crash Neutralize Cloning Facility

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