Mission RulesEdit

  • In multiplayer, the money reward is split by the number of players

Mission FailureEdit

The mission fails if one of the following conditions are met:

  • Players are Wounded in Action more than 3 times
  • The Timer reaches zero.
  • More hostages are killed than can be saved (Rescue missions only)
  • The Target is killed before it can be captured (Capture missions only)

Players return to Camp Crown after failing a mission.

Mission TypesEdit

As you progress through the game, missions to advance the story will be unlocked. There are 8 types of missions.

Neutralize Eliminate the designated targets.
Capture Capture the target by weakening him and then paralyzing him with a Shock Bomb. Bosses flash orange when they're weak and ready to be captured.
Rescue Find and save a certain number of hostages.
Sabotage Damage or blow up enemy equipment, sometimes guarded by a boss.
Extermination Eliminate all enemies within a specified area.
Gathering Gather items and bring them back to the camp.
Infiltration Reach a destination within the time limit.
Rendez-Vous Talk to a character within the time limit.

List of MissionsEdit

Name Type Location
  Guns N' Blades Rescue Jungle Path
  Branch L Save Ironside! Rescue POW Camp
   BranchBranch L Torture Cabin Rescue Ruins
   Branch BranchBranch T Raw Materials Gathering POW Camp
   Branch BranchBranch L The Steel Soldier Neutralize POW Camp
  Snipers Spotted Neutralize Jungle Path
  Branch L The Biologist Rendez-Vous Ruins
   BranchBranch T Treasure Hunter Gathering Ruins
   BranchBranch L Spelunker Gathering Ruins
  Camp Makeover Gathering Hunting Grounds
Primary Mission The Snitch Capture POW Camp
Name Type Location
  Breakthrough Sabotage POW Camp
  Branch L Clear For Landing Infiltration Military Road
   BranchBranch T Fashion District Gathering Military City
   BranchBranch T Viva La Resistance! Rendez-Vous Military City
   BranchBranch IBranch L Eviction Notice Extermination Military City
   BranchBranch I BranchBranch T Revenge Raid Neutralize Military City
   BranchBranch I BranchBranch L Fatal Information Rendez-Vous Jungle Path
   BranchBranch L Under Siege Capture Military City
   Branch BranchBranch T Bridge Failure Gathering POW Camp
   Branch BranchBranch L Jungle Hunt Neutralize Hunting Grounds
Primary Mission Battle City Capture Military City
Name Type Location
  Hot Diversion Sabotage Military City
  Branch L Elevator Addiction Gathering Skyscraper A17
   BranchBranch T Crystal Prison Rescue Skyscraper A17
   BranchBranch T Engineer of War Rendez-Vous Military Road
   BranchBranch IBranch L Early Prototype Infiltration Skyscraper A17
   BranchBranch L Flame On! Capture Military City
  X-File Gathering Military Road
  Branch L Baron's War Room Sabotage Military City
   BranchBranch T No Negotiation Neutralize Military City
   BranchBranch L Automated Arsenal Neutralize Military City
Primary Mission Electric Duo Capture Military City
Name Type Location
  Lawless: M.I.A. Rescue Military City
  Dam Intruder Infiltration Battery Path
  Branch T The Fireflyers Gathering Bastion Dam
  Branch T The Blueprint Plan Gathering Bastion Dam
  Branch IBranch T Explosivo Expedition Sabotage Bastion Dam
  Branch IBranch L Bionic Commando Sabotage Bastion Dam
  Branch L Soldier of Fire Neutralize Battery Path
  Shake and Bake Neutralize Military City
  Branch L Resistant Wanted! Capture Military City
   BranchBranch L Sewer Sharks! Extermination Military City
Primary Mission Resistance: Doomed? Neutralize Military City
Name Type Location
  Battery Camp Sabotage POW Camp
  Branch L POW Camp Mystery Inflitration Jungle Path
   BranchBranch L The Jungle Heist! Gathering Ruins
   Branch BranchBranch T Tin Man Recovery Sabotage Ruins
   Branch BranchBranch L Armored Guardians Infiltration Jungle Path
   Branch Branch BranchBranch L Powerhouse Alpha Infiltration Powerhouse Alpha
  Resistance Rescue! Rescue Jungle Path
  Branch L Mineshaft Gathering Ruins
  Electrical Shutdown Capture Battery Path
  Harvest of the Titan Capture Bastion Dam
Primary Mission The Guard Dog Sabotage Bastion Dam
Name Type Location
  Tribute Cave Gathering Bastion Dam
  In Da House! Extermination Battery Path
  Rush'n Retrieve! Rendez-Vous Battery Path
  The Thinktank Rescue Powerhouse Alpha
  Branch T Extraction Prime Infiltration Powerhouse Alpha
  Branch L Doomsday Plans Gathering Powerhouse Alpha
   BranchBranch T Operation Lights Out Neutralize Bastion Dam
   BranchBranch T The Kerosene Crush Sabotage Powerhouse Alpha
   BranchBranch L The War Convoy Neutralize Bastion Dam
   Branch BranchBranch L Unit Zero Sabotage Powerhouse Alpha
Primary Mission The Baron Battle! Neutralize Bastion Dam
Name Type Location
  The Holy Glades Infiltration Ruins
  Branch T To the Old Temple Infiltration Temple Tunnel
  Branch IBranch T The Stone Gate Sabotage Temple Galleries
  Branch IBranch IBranch L Treasure Trove Gathering Temple Galleries
  Branch IBranch I BranchBranch L Hidden Knowledge Gathering Temple Galleries
  Branch IBranch I Branch BranchBranch L Crypt Keeper Extermination Temple Tunnel
  Branch IBranch I Branch Branch BranchBranch T Titan Tantrum Capture Temple Crypts
  Branch IBranch I Branch Branch BranchBranch L The Hurt Lockers Sabotage Temple Crypts
  Branch IBranch L The Tribe of Terror! Rescue Temple Galleries
  Branch L Biologist: M.I.A. Infiltration Temple Tunnel
   BranchBranch L Bravo Alpha Tango Gathering Temple Tunnel
Primary Mission Kings of Violence Neutralize Temple Crypts
Name Type Location
  The Code Breakers Gathering Temple Crypts
  Branch T Streets of Fire Neutralize Military Road
  Branch T Thunder Road Neutralize Battery Path
  Branch T Chemical Jungle Neutralize Jungle Path
  Branch L Blitz Battle Rescue Temple Crypts
  Into the Facility Infiltration Chemical Tunnel
  Branch L Terminal Termination Sabotage Assembly Line
   BranchBranch T Metal Doormen Neutralize Assembly Line
   BranchBranch T Factory Blackout Sabotage Assembly Line
   BranchBranch L Robopocalypse Extermination Assembly Line
Primary Mission Battle For The Ark Neutralize Assembly Line
Name Type Location
  Dead Alive Extermination Camp Crown
  Branch T System Shutdown Infiltration Assembly Line
  Branch IBranch L Lab of Horrors Extermination Cloning Facility
  Branch I BranchBranch T Multiplicity Extermination Cloning Facility
  Branch I BranchBranch IBranch T Material Recovery Gathering Cloning Facility
  Branch I BranchBranch IBranch L Operation Woof Capture Assembly Line
  Branch I BranchBranch I BranchBranch L Dog Pack Neutralize Assembly Line
  Branch I BranchBranch L Human Subjects Rescue Cloning Facility
  Branch I Branch BranchBranch L The Full House Fight Neutralize Cloning Facility
  Branch L Turbomachines! Neutralize Assembly Line
Primary Mission Computer Crash Neutralize Cloning Facility
Name Type Location
  Steel Soldier Squad Neutralize Military City
  Branch L Metal Mayhem Extermination Military City
  Saving Miss Zero! Sabotage POW Camp
  Mandrake Infestation Neutralize POW Camp
  Hellish Harrier Capture Bastion Dam
  Occupy Old Temple Extermination Temple Galleries
  The Fallen Kings Capture Temple Crypts
  Speed Pursuit! Neutralize Temple Tunnel
  Weather Management Sabotage Cloning Facility
  Supply Raiders Gathering Assembly Line
  Clone War Extermination Cloning Facility
Primary Mission Live and Let Die Neutralize Sanctuary

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