Metal Woof # 108 / 108
Compendium Metal Woof
HP 120000
Strength Cryogenic  Cryogenic
Weakness Caustic  Caustic
Titanium Bone
Fusion Core
Molecule Phaser

The most powerful of Alpha's tanks, equipped with deadly energy weapons!


The metal woof constantly teleports to initiate an attack, so you cannot really predict which attack he will make.

These are his attacks:

  • Dash: He runs from one side to the other side. While he is running, he generates a sonic wave in front of him who protects him against shots from the front. (to dodge: jump over him) He sometimes does this twice in a row.
  • Hologram-Dash: He teleports himself as a hologram at one end of the stage and runs to the other side, he does this twice in a row. While he is a hologram, he doesn't take any damage but can still deal damage on touch. (to dodge: jump over him)
  • Lasershots: He teleports himself down somewhere and shoots a short Laser. Then he teleports himself away and to another position and shoots again. He always shoots towards the middle, but his positions aren't always on the far side of the area. He does this attack four times in a row. (to dodge: jump over the lasers)
  • Heavy-Bombardment: He stands at one end of the map and opens the Heavy-Bombardment with a Rocket and a Bomb-Bone, who he shoots to the middle of the map. The bombardement consits of three rows:
  1. Top row: There are normal shots, they won't hit you when you stand on the ground.
  2. Middle row: He shoots spinning mini dogs in this row. They will not hit you when you duck.
  3. Bottom row: He shoots walking mini dogs in this row. They will hit you even when you're standing or ducking.
To avoid damage duck and mash the knife button so you can deflect the lower row of shots. After this he mostly does a Hologram-Run from the back, so be ready.
  • Howl: He'll teleport to the middle and begin to howl, to the left and right of him two holograms appear who do the same. While he is glowing he is invulnerable. (to dodge: stay somewhere where doesn't be a Hologram or Metal Woof).



How to beat - Metal Wolf Mercenary Kings

How to beat - Metal Wolf Mercenary Kings

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