Mega Looper # 88 / 108
Compendium Mega Looper
HP 35000
Strength Cryogenic  Cryogenic
Weakness Electrical  Electrical
Blade Tooth
Fuel Cell
Mega Rotor

A giant-sized looper, outfitted with a Mandrake-made maw. Ghastly.


He just turns in circles, so you have to look for yourself that he doesn't hit you.

In the mission "Operation Lights Out" (Captain) you meet him two times alone and in the mission "Turbomachines!" (Colonel) you meet him 2 times at the same time, respectly together. His movement is then also different.

Movement one Looper
Movement alone: He just makes a circle.
Movement two Looper
Movement together: He moves in a crazy pattern.


His whole corps is vulnerable.



How to beat - (one) Mega Looper Mercenary Kings00:54

How to beat - (one) Mega Looper Mercenary Kings


How to beat - (two) Mega Looper Mercenary Kings00:58

How to beat - (two) Mega Looper Mercenary Kings


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