Hellfire Harrier # 107 / 108
Compendium Hellfire Harrier
HP 112000
Strength Cryogenic  Cryogenic
Weakness Caustic  Caustic
Doomsday Plate
Doomsday Pod

Enhanced with burning-blast processors, the flying tank is now even deadlier!



The Hellfire Harrier has two phases like the Doomsday Harrier. In the first phase he repeats the same pattern as the Doomsday Harrier.

Attack pattern 1Edit

  • At the beginning he flys down and shoots bullets from out to inside with his two cannons at the bottom. Don't stand directly in the middle of the area at the beginning until his drive is off, afterwards stand beneath him, so the bullets won't hit you.
  • Afterwards he floats to the right side and shoots bullets perpendicular to the ground. Try to walk alongside him with a delay to dodge the bullets.
  • After this, he uses his left cannon and shoots from the outside to the inside and a little bit further to the right. Try to roll between two bullets to dodge them.
  • At the end he flies upwards.
  • Then he does the same pattern again simply mirrored.
  • After he is flying up the second time, you'll hear the sounds of falling bombs. They fall from left to right successively. They have a big explosion when they impact, so shoot them down before they land.
  • When the last bombs are still falling, he appears on the left side at low altitude. He will fly just above the ground to try to hit you. Duck and he cannot hit you. While he is doing this, he is an easy target.
  • Then he flights up again and starts the attack pattern from new.

Attack pattern 2Edit

When he has less then 25% of his life he begins to smoke.

  • From this point onwards he will always land hard on the ground, but unlike Doomsday Harrier he won't shoot grenades.
  • He flies fast up again and lands next to you. He has three positions where he lands: left, middle and right.

Attack surfaceEdit

His only vulnerable spots includes his bottom drive, the pilot himself and the backdrive.


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