Guns N' Blades
Rank: Rank Recruit Recruit
Type: Rescue
Location: Jungle Path
Time Limit: 12:00
Fastest Time: 2:00
Rank Points: 2
Unlocked Mission(s):
Save Ironside!
Bonus Materials
100% Fabric
Random Rusty Pin

The Company has sent more freelancers to assist us. Reach the drop zone of Lawless and Ironside.


Main Objective Reward: $500.00
Rescue 1 Hostage.
Extra Objective A
Extra Objective B
Secret Objective Reward: $100.00
Neutralize Auto Carrier.
  • Note: C4 is required.

The cliff right before Lawless has a destructible barrier blocking the way down that can only be blasted open by C4. There is an Auto Carrier at the base of the cliff. Neutralize it to complete the Secret Mission.

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