Fire Soldier # 84 / 108
Compendium Fire Soldier
HP 22000
Strength Cryogenic  Cryogenic
Weakness Caustic  Caustic
Blade Shard
Robotic Claw
Blade Igniter

Equipped with pyro-generators, this Steel Soldier burns like a furnace!



  • Sword-Smash: He lift his sword and smashs is fast on the ground, then the cabine opens and he is attackable for a short time. (to dodge: Stand far enough away)
  • Chains-Clawpunch: His front goes slightly back and then he shoots it to the front and then back. While the arm is to the front, his hatch is open. (to dodge: Duck down)
  • Sword-Fireballs: He rams his sword into the ground and that generates two fireballs that bounce away from of his sword. (to dodge: Jump over the Fireballs. But be careful, they bounce away from the stagewall)


The only vulnerable points are: His open hatch and his back.(The same like the Steel Soldier)


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