Early Prototype
Rank: Rank Corporal Corporal
Type: Infiltration
Location: Skyscraper A17
Time Limit: 10:00
Fastest Time: 1:30
Rank Points:
Prerequisite Mission(s):
Engineer of War
Bonus Materials

CLAW's engineer went back to his room in Skyscraper A17 and got in trouble. Infiltrate and extract him!


Main Objective Reward: $800.00
Bring back the Engineer
Extra Objective A
Extra Objective B
Secret Objective
Find 1 Blade Igniter
  • The Blade Igniter is located in a Supply Box in the same room as the engineer, to the left.
    • The Blade Igniter must be picked up before completing the Main Objective, as completing the Main Objective will lock the Kings in the Mission Failed animation, rendering them unable to pick up the Igniter and complete the Secret Objective.