Knife Dundee
POW 1005
WT 0.5 kg
Element Grey Incendiary  0 Element Grey Cryogenic  0
Element Grey Caustic  0 Element Grey Electrical  0
Rank: Rank Colonel Colonel
Cost: $7474.95
Quality Steel 10
Quality Leather 6
Quality Brass 2
Quality Bolt 2

Perfect for crocodile hunting and mocking smaller knive's size.


  • The Dundee's name is a reference to the character "Crocodile" Mick Dundee, played by Paul Hogan, of the 1986 movie "Crocodile Dundee".
    • The description is a reference to a scene in the movie where Mick Dundee is being mugged with a switchblade, to which he laughs off the attempt and says: “That’s not a knife… THAT’s a knife." while pulling out his own, much larger machete.

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