Material Chromium
Value: $120.00
Sources: Drops, Supply Boxes, Mission Rewards

A rare, silverish metal. Looks fancy.



Enemy Name Rarity
Ceiling Sentry Uncommon
Ground Sentry Uncommon
Sentry Gun Uncommon
Wall Sentry Uncommon
Zeus Sentry Rare
Zap Sentry Rare
Thunder Sentry Rare
Power Plug Sentry Rare

Supply BoxesEdit

Corporal - Automated Arsenal

Mission RewardsEdit

-Swamp Sharks



Go to Skyscraper A17, accessible from the 3rd rank:

First chromium is in a box to the right as you're going down the left side of the skyscraper.

Second chromium is just after the first one, if you go left and down past the black flamethrower guy, it's in the "optional room" in a chest.

A total of 2 chromium in about a minute.