Chemical Jungle
Rank: Rank Lt. Colonel Lt. Colonel
Type: Neutralize
Location: Jungle Path
Time Limit: 20:00
Fastest Time: 4:00
Rank Points: 256
Prerequisite Mission(s):
The Code Breakers
Bonus Materials
100% Fiberglass
Quality Wood
Random Quality Pin
Sulfuric Acid

Prime Soldier Namtar is rumbling the jungle for Ark Cell materials! Go and rumble him back!


Main Objective Reward: $5500.00
Neutralize Prime Soldier Namtar.
Extra Objective A Reward: $1000.00
Neutralize Toxic Trooper.
Extra Objective B Reward: $1500
Speak to Valhalla.
Secret Objective Reward: $450.00
Find 1 Rifle Catalyst.

• Note: After talking to Valhalla, Digger's Cave is on the left. Use the bionic mod Parachute and/or ammo with a kickback effect to jump and reach Digger’s Cave.

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