Camp Crown is the forward operating base of the Mercenary Kings located on Mandragora Island.

The camp is the hub of the game where the Kings prepare before leaving on missions and returns when a mission fails or is completed. NPCs located throughout the camp assist King and Empress in preparing for their next mission.

Camp NPCsEdit

Colonel Tasker Choose a Mission.
Dr. Bluebell Build and install Mods.
Bobby Ryack Leave for missions
Runway Brothers Customize characters and player tents.
Cadillac Access the Compendium to obtain intel on enemies.
Golden Gate Buy Supplies.
Miss Zero Host or join multiplayer games.
Lawless Customize weapons, craft new weapon parts or upgrade body armor
Unlocked by completing:Guns N' Blades
Ironside Forge and equip knives.
Unlocked by completing:Save Ironside!
T-Bone Eat Meals to sharpen skills.

Kickstarter HostagesEdit