Blitzhound K9 # 89 / 108
Compendium Blitzhound K9
HP 36000
Strength Cryogenic  Cryogenic
Weakness Caustic  Caustic
Blitzhound Fang
Blitzhound Paw
Iron Muzzle

Baron has designed this tank as a gift for his dog, Alpha



One of his attack is: Jumping with a 360-Spin...I don't know if he aims at your location, but I think not. The other attacks are:

  • Rainbow-Run: He jumps to one end of the stage and looks to the other end. Then he barks and runs to the other side, while he runs he gets a rainbow flash. While he runs, he is invulnerable. But don't be worry, he doesn't run off the wholy stage length, he stops just before the end and makes a 360 jump back. (to dodge: stay at the end of the other side)
  • Laser-Beam: He jumps (with a 360) to the middle, jumps up and use his tail to make a Laser straight down. He goes short forward and then back. (to doge: stay at the end of the stage, respectively stay away)
  • Butt-Rocket: Mostly he jumps( with a 360), after the Laser-Beam, at one end of the stage, turns arround and then shoots Rockets out of the hole. (to dodge: dodge the rockets with duck down or jump. The simplest is at the other end of the stage, because not every rockets flies so far)
  • Rockets: He jumps at one end of the Stage (again with a 360), wait shortly and then shoots Rockets in a arc. Each rocket flies a bit further than the previous. (to dodge: The simplest, stay at the other end of the stage and wait)


His entire body is vulnerable, but not if he uses the Rainbow Run.


How to beat - Blitzhound K9 Mercenary Kings

How to beat - Blitzhound K9 Mercenary Kings


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