Skills can be activated by equipping bionic mods. Up to 2 bionic mods can be equipped. Some Bionic Mods have side effects. Each mod activates one or more skills and side effects.

Bionic Mods ListEdit

Name Rank Cost WT Skills Side Effects
Chef Recruit $99.95 2.4 kg Gourmet
Hoarder Recruit $99.95 2.4 kg Gatherer Jinx
Lucky Penny Recruit $99.95 2.4 kg Lucky Poor
Paratrooper Recruit $99.95 1.2 kg Parachute
Rich Private $249.95 2.3 kg Money Maker Jinx
Sprinter Private $249.95 0.5 kg Speed Up Defense Down
Computer Corporal $449.95 2.2 kg Analyzer
Cure Corporal $449.95 2.2 kg Health Regen Attack Down
Gunner Corporal $449.95 2.2 kg Bonus Bullet
Double Bullet
Elemental Down
Speed Loader Corporal $449.95 2.2 kg Fast Reload Trigger-Lazy
Antidote Sergeant $699.95 2.1 kg Antiacid Lightning Rod
Fellowship Sergeant $699.95 2.1 kg Generous Coward
Firefighter Sergeant $699.95 2.1 kg Fireproof Chilly
Heater Sergeant $699.95 2.1 kg Antifreeze Flammable
Resistor Sergeant $699.95 2.1 kg Electrician Heartburn
Danger Zone Lieutenant $999.95 2.0 kg Adrenaline Harmless Weapon
Dodger Lieutenant $999.95 2.0 kg Evasion Blunt Edge
Geomancer Lieutenant $999.95 2.0 kg Elemental Up Lost Bullet
Pricy Bullet
Grenadier Lieutenant $999.95 2.0 kg Grenade Boost
Eagle Eye Captain $1349.95 1.9 kg Lethal Weapon Defense Down
Magazine Captain $1349.95 1.9 kg Large Clip Slow Reload
Punisher Captain $1349.95 1.9 kg Attack Up Hunger
Turtle Shell Captain $1349.95 1.9 kg Defense Up Clumsy
Antidote+ Major $1749.95 1.8 kg Antiacid
Firefighter+ Major $1749.95 1.8 kg Fireproof
Gun Fighter Major $1749.95 1.8 kg Trigger Happy Lost Bullet
Heater+ Major $1749.95 1.8 kg Antifreeze
Kage Major $1749.95 1.8 kg Assassin Lost Bullet
Slow Reload
Resistor+ Major $1749.95 1.8 kg Electrician
Sprinter+ Major $1749.95 0.5 kg Speed Up
Dodger+ Lt. Colonel $2199.95 1.7 kg Evasion
Flash Loader Lt. Colonel $2199.95 1.7 kg Instant Reload Frail
Geomancer+ Lt. Colonel $2199.95 1.7 kg Elemental Up
Punisher+ Lt. Colonel $2199.95 1.7 kg Attack Up
Turtle Shell+ Lt. Colonel $2199.95 1.7 kg Defense Up
Bounce Ammo Colonel $2699.95 1.6 kg Equip Bounce Tiny Clip
Cold Feet Colonel $2699.95 1.6 kg Fire Cancel Frail
Fragment Ammo Colonel $2699.95 1.6 kg Equip Fragment Tiny Clip
Hazmat Colonel $2699.95 1.6 kg Acid Cancel Frail
Homing Ammo Colonel $2699.95 1.6 kg Equip Homing Tiny Clip
Large Ammo General $3249.95 1.5 kg Equip Large Tiny Clip
Pierce Ammo General $3249.95 1.5 kg Equip Pierce Trigger-Lazy
Tiny Clip
Rubber Skin General $3249.95 1.5 kg Electric Cancel Frail
Shot Shells General $3249.95 1.5 kg Equip Lead Shot Trigger-Lazy
Tiny Clip
Sun Blaze General $3249.95 1.5 kg Cold Cancel Frail

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