Banner Rank Description Cost Materials
Banner Australia
Banner of the Land Down Under!
Banner Canada
The Mighty Maple leaf, ready for your tent!
Banner Germany
The noble Bundesflagge! Looks great in any tent!
Banner Japan
Also known as the Hinomaru, it's just a rad, graphic flag!
Banner Quebec
The proud fleurdelisé, for your walls!
Banner Russia
The trikolor! What a solid name for a flag! Mother Russia can be proud!
South Korea
Banner South Korea
The Taegukgi! Our only banner with trigrams! Gotta love trigrams.
Banner USA
This banner is star-spangled! Both old and glorius.
Ace of Spades
Banner Ace of Spades
If you like to gamble, I tell you this is your banner.
Steel Soldier
Banner Steel Soldier
Schematics of the CLAW's frightful metal enforcer! Learn it's weaknesses.
Raid Rover
Banner Raid Rover
Schematics of the fearsome elevating tank! Great for tank enthusiasts.
Tribute Corp.
Banner Tribute Corp
The famed military conglomerate logo, now available for your tent!
Bastion Dam
Banner Bastion Dam
A banner celebrating Mandragora's electrical dam.
La Resistance
Banner La Resistance
Show your support for the Mandragora Resistance force with banner! $5000.00
Rusty Pin 4
Scarlet Pelt 6
Bone 12
Fabric 14
Banner CLAW
WHY? Why would you even put the enemy's symbol in your tent? Are you mad at the Colonel? $8000.00
Regular Pin 4
Chromium 6
Lead 10
Fabric 16
Titan Trooper
Banner Titan Trooper
Schematics of CLAW's imposing walking tank. The stuff of nightmares!
Banner Cat
A lovely banner depicting everyone's feline friend. $12500,00
Regular Pin 4
Scarlet Pelt 6
Pelt 14
Quality Fabric 16
Banner Dog
Humanity's best friend, depicted in his barking splendor. Lovely!
D-day Harrier
Banner D day Harrier
Pretty cool schematics of Commander Baron's powerful warcraft.
Banner Radioactive
Just a cool thing to put on your wall. Provided it's not really radioactive. $20000.00
Regular Pin 4
Depleted Uranium 8
Titanium 16
Polymer 16
Banner Female
The symbols for ladies, but also planet Venus! So it's a Venusian banner too!
Banner Male
It's the symbol for dudes, but planet Mars as well! So... martians?
Banner Mondrian
A bit of neoplasticism design to liven up your tent!
Banner NTech
Proudly displaying Dr. James Neil Tech Company. $45000.00
Quality Pin 4
Titanium 14
Chromium 16
Quality Polymer 18
Winged Star
Banner Winged Star
It's like pinning a big medal of valor on your tent. Try it!
Banner Empress
General A banner for the toughest mercenary who ever put on a beret! $90000.00
Quality Pin 4
Tainted Blood 4
Quality Titanium 16
Quality Fabric 20
Banner King
General A banner for the toughest mercenary who ever put on a bandana! $90000.00
Quality Pin 4
Tainted Blood 4
Quality Titanium 16
Quality Fabric 20
Merc. Kings
Banner Merc Kings
General Represent the world's best Mercenary team with this powerful banner! $90000.00
Quality Pin 4
Imperial Alloy 4
Quality Titanium 16
Quality Fabric 20
Banner Victory
General Its' a V for Victory! A positivity banner for your tent! $90000.00
Quality Pin 4
Burning Blood 4
Quality Titanium 16
Quality Fabric 20

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