Artillery Jager
   File:Gun Artillery Jager.png
Rank: Recruit
Class: Submachine Gun
Trigger: Automatic
POW 140
RNG Med.
SPD 16
RLD 2.4
CAP 32
ACC 75%
WT 3.9
Element Grey Incendiary  0 Element Grey Cryogenic  0 Element Grey Caustic  0 Element Grey Electrical  0

Ammo Type Pierce  10%
Ammo Type Grey Bounce  0%
Ammo Type Grey Fragment  0%

Ammo Type Large  -10%
Ammo Type Lead Shot  -10%
Ammo Type Grey Homing  0%

Parts: Receiver
Total Cost: $804.80
Total Materials
Steel 10
Wood 5

The submachine gun version of the Jager handgun, more hunter-y than ever!

Parts Edit

  • Artilley Jager Receiver
  • Artillery Jager Barrel
  • Artillery Jager Magazine
  • Artillery Jager Stock

Notes Edit

  • Jager is German for hunter

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