Name Conditions
Baron Bashing Defeat Commander Byron Baron once.
Blastfighter Complete a mission with all parts of the SWAT-12 shotgun equipped.
Cold-Hearted Complete No Negotiation without saving any hostages.
Denied! Defeat a boss before it can escape.
Executioner Defeat over 1000 enemies.
Favorite Clear all missions of any rank consecutively using the same gun parts.
Grim Reaper Defeat over 10000 enemies.
Hoarder Collect over 2000 materials.
Is That A Knife? Defeat the Steel Soldier using only your knife.
Jack Of All Trades Unlock all Proficiencies.
Kickstarter Contributor You pledged $60 or more on Mercenary Kings and made it happen. Thank you!
Liberator Rescue all 6 Kickstarter backer hostages.
Medic Revive a teammate 10 times with the Adrenaline Shot.
Millionaire Earn over $1,000,000.
Poacher Hunt over 250 animals.
Untouchable Complete a mission in single player without getting hit.
Coronation Clear all missions of the game.
Craftsmanship Craft over 100 knives and 300 gun parts.
Foodie Activate all 14 food skills.
Major Pain Clear all Major rank missions without using Rations nor First-Aid kits.
Pistol Pro Clear all 10 Primary missions of the game with the Bolt 45.
Speed Runner Defeat a boss before it can escape.
The Bionic Merc Craft all Bionic Mods.
Decorator Craft 20 Ornaments and 20 Banners
World Hero Defeat the final boss
Five-Star General Reach the Five-Star General rank.

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